A wide equipment range for the food industry...

TERMET is always kind to propose to customers innovative solutions,

customized and suitable for slaugthering processes.


TERMET  designs, fabricates or  distributes stunning products like:  stunning pistols and range of accessories , ...

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Stunning equipments

TERMET ,  fabricant and distributor of equipments for meat industry , proposes some equipments to sterilize the different tools...

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TERMET , fabricant and distributor fo the meat industry , proposes equipments nessary to optimize workstations in slaugtherhouses such as:...

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Workplace ergonomics

Termet  designs, fabricates and distributes his circular knife  

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Cutting tools

TERMET , fabricant and distributor of equipments for slaugtherhouses, proposes some equipments necessary to hygienic requirements such as:...

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Hygienic equipments
Hygienic products

TERMET , fabricant and distributor of equipments for meat industry, proposes consumables for slaugtherhouses such as: pig plugs , frontal...

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Innovating tools, customized and specifically designed to meet customer expectations

Leader on the French market, TERMET has started since many years to propose innovating products in adequation with slaughterhouse requirements. The company designs and fabricates tools with advanced technologies, fully specific to food industry requirements.

TERMET is so able to provide customized tools such: stunning equipmentsweasand ligature systemssterilizerswashing toolsconsumables...

All the equipments are reliable, robust and specifically designed for slaughterhouses. They are designed to improve safety and hygienic processes