International partnerships

Propose the best equipments for slaughterhouses

TERMET is fabricating but also distributing in FRANCE all the equipments for slaugtherhouses helped by the different partnerships operated since several years: Ollari & Conti, Ibex, Caps, Argus Real Cold, Gozlin, FAN, . . .

Ollari & Conti

Ollari&Conti International is specialized in the consulting, designing and manufacturing of machines for processing animal byproducts and complete lines for intestine operations for beef, pig and sheep plants. The machines are designed to satisfy medium and large productions in compliance with the strictest regulations on safety, quality, noise and hygiene.

Caps International

Caps International is a provider of innovative, hygienic consumables and systems to the international meat industry.

Caps International is an innovative company with control over the production processes. Caps International supplies from stock, rapidly and globally.

Focus areas:
- Esophagus sealing
- Bung closing
- Urine Blocking


For over 30 years IBEX has defined itself with qualities such as resilience, adaptability, ingenuity, ever learning and daring to be different. In taking the Trimmer product to the world stage dominated by one major competitor with global presence IBEX has proven itself to be the “Great Small Company”, in the league of David versus Goliath.

It is with these qualities theycontinue to pave the way with continuous improvement on manufactured products. Their agility as a company means they can more swiftly move with changes, find and implement solutions.


Argus has established an enviable market leadership reputation in design, manufacture and distribution of its high quality specialist hand tools for the meat and food processing industries. In addition Argus proudly represents many world renowned brands of meat and food processing equipment, consumables and instrumentation to meet the many complex demands of its customers.


FAN Separator is a traditional, European company carrying out business worldwide.

They design and manufacture according to strict European standards, thus ensuring the highest quality down to the smallest detail. Their aim is leadership in quality in the areas of separation and slurry technology as well as waste water management in the non-agricultural sector. For this reason they work to produce sustainable and economic solutions.


Thanks to their 30-year long experience in slaughtering and with more than 10,000 units sold both in Europe and in non-European countries, Gozlin is the Italian leader in designing, manufacturing and selling stunning systems.

The company has progressively developed and has diversified its product range, thus reaching remarkable levels in terms of slaughtering cattle handling and stunning.

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