Sales team

3 salesmen are working in France to sell products but also get specific projects where TERMET will have to adapt and create new products and solutions.

For international, M. MAZIN is making demonstration of the TERMET products. So you you have any needs, please contact us.

We are also supported by 3 salesmen from the BOBET Groupe, M. DELHUMEAU, M. TURLAK and M. WAHL who are the reference contacts.

Our salesteam has people export in meat industry, design of specific machines for meat industry, and maintenance of slaugtherhouses.

Our team is available to assist you in the continuous improvement of slaugthering processes, to advice you about products fabricated by TERMET and shows you all the benifits of TERMET products by making demonstrations directly on your production line.


General Manager:
+33 6 80 32 76 29

TERMET Meat specialist salesman:

Frédéric MAZIN
+33 7 57 41 57 81

Export sales manager:
+33 6 80 64 32 05

Area sales manager:
+33 6 69 44 75 28

Area sales manager:
+33 7 57 40 41 46