Dura matter tool sterilizer

Réf. : 0635

All the sterilizers are built in stainless steel and have an automatic start with inductive sensor.

The cycle duration and temperature for sterilization can be set up according to the slaugtherhouse production line speed. So you will save lot of water and energy with such products.

This sterilizer will clean the dura matter tool between every carcasses. The nozzles will spray the hot water on all the surface in contact with animal of the tool.

> Sterilisation by water spray from 75 to 85°C

> Automatic start due to sensor

> Flow: 20 liters / min when operating

Main features
Cleaned product Dura matter tool
Height 229 mm
Width 164 mm
Depth 252 mm
Watertighness IP66
Cycle duration 10 to 60s
Raw material Stainless steel

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