IMPULS'CLEAN sterilizer

Réf. : 3803

This is the sterilizer for knives with the simplest use. It allows to sterilize 2 or 4 knives in option (ref 3297)

It is possible to adjust the position of knives in heigth.

3 running modes are possible:
- start with a sensor (basic version)
- manual start with presto (ref 5690)

- controlled by a PLC (ref 5378)

> Sterilisation by water spray from 65°C

> Automatic start due to sensor


Main features
Start Sensor (options: PLC, presto)
Maximum blade length 250 mm
Weight 2.75 kg
Length 405 mm
Diameter 169 mm
Water consumption 6 L/min
Etanchéïté IP 66
Cycle duration 3 to 8 s
Raw material Stainless steel
Number of knives 2 (option 4 knives ref 3297)

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